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It worked for me.  And then when I saw performance of my friends and family I knew the GOLF 6 method can literally be a game-changer for anyone willing to learn.  Guaranteed.

We are Performance Experts

And what we do has worked around the world.

We are so certain that it GOLF 6 will work for you we offer a full money-back guarantee.  Try it out.  We know you’ll feel better, have a better game (and better game).  It’s highly likely that your person will find you more attractive and your boss will think you’re onto something.  But we can’t guarantee those parts.  Let’s get started.  What’s stopping you?  Join #teamGolf6

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The Coach

There’s a reason this works.  It’s been honed over years of expertly devised techniques – now directed to benefitting you.  It’s up to you whether you share it with your buddies or your team.

Patrick Brown

I'm a lifelong golfer and I love it. I'm also a Certified Elite Fitness Trainer, a Certified Senior Fitness Coach, a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, four-time IRONMAN triathlete, multiple marathon participant (including the New York City Marathon), and avid cyclist (in 2019 I rode a bicycle from San Francisco all the way to San Diego to support the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation) and I understand movement. But I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I'm so glad I figured it out the secret.
Using the GOLF 6 Method I look better, feel better, evolved my game and dropped strokes . Can you? I bet you can.

Happy Faces of Happy Golfers

Remember that feeling of a great shot?  Or a great whole day?  Let’s work together to get more of those – consistently.  You never have to go back.