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Want to win this weekend?  It’s all about the 6.  Let’s get started.  

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Trusted by people who want to up their game and found results.

Mike and Megan

GOLF6 made a big difference in our individual games and the fun we have together.  Watch out friends and foursomes!  We are in it to win it!

Mike and Megan playing golf in Vail, Colorado
Change Your Game, Change your Life

You'll see results or your money back.

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Get Your Body In The Game

Have you wanted to improve but are struggling to get there? How would it feel to be leading the pack? Let GOLF6 show you how.

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More Power and Accuracy

Do you know the secret to playing with confidence? It's not what you think. Let's get started.

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Pro Tip: It's Not Just The Club That Matters

When you have the base in place the rest comes easily. Guaranteed. Get started today and see results this season!

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We Help You Improve

The Founders

The GOLF6 Method evolved from an essential bone-health protocol.  When we saw that the people who had integrated these techniques into their daily routines were not only seeing improvement in their bones but also in their games we transformed the program to GOLF6.

Patrick Brown playing golf in Vail, Colorado

Patrick Brown

GOLF6 founder and visionary coach, Patrick saw a big improvement in his own game. You can too.

Don't Take Our Word For It

We are grateful for the satisfied members of Team GOLF6!  Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing 50 years you’ll improve.  Follow us and watch the magic.  IN THE HOLE!!

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Great golf day!
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